A Digital Agency focused on Web Apps & Generative Ai

Who are we?

A group of developers and designers working closely together to build truly exceptional products. We understand the nuances of digital products just like a chef understands spices - and we know how to create something that's not just good, but extraordinary. Our secret recipe? It's a blend of creativity,strategy, and a dash of innovation.

What do we do?

Our areas of experties

Web development

From business landing pages to advanced web applications, we got you covered. We save businesses from ugly and ineffective websites to clean and professional assets.

Generative AI

While all these fuzz going on with LLM’s and ChatGPT, we're on the lookout for opportunities to create products that help people and make their lives better.

Shopify Apps

We're diving into e-commerce, making cool apps for Shopify stores. Looking for challenges to tackle with the newest tech!

Product and project consulting

Got a spark of an idea but unsure about the next moves—tech choices, finding the perfect market fit, or nailing the go-to-market strategy? Jump on a call with us; we're here to lend a hand!

Why choose us?

Because we're not satisfied with the ordinary. We're driven by a passion for turning the mundane into the magnificent. You're choosing a team that's dedicated to making you stand-out in a crowded market place.

Our projects

Few works we’r proud of

We made a website to track points for IL Texas High School! Students and teachers using it and loving it.

House of Leaders

A research approach into leveraging LLM’s to empower online stores. This is a Shopify app powered by GPT-4, which can talk about sales, customers and more!

Brainwave AI